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How often should I hose off my pool cartridge filters?

This should be done when the pressure on the filter rises 8-10 PSI above the clean pressure. To ensure longer cartridge life do not use a pressure washer on cartridges.

How often should I chemically clean my pool cartridge filters?

Depends on wear and usage and environment -typically1x per season.
Cleaning is most effective when the filter is soaked in the cleaning agent and allowed to dry before being used (This is why it is very helpful to have a 2nd set of filters and rotate them). SPS can clean your filter for you if you do not want to do it yourself.

How often should I replace my pool cartridge filters?

Depends on pool environment, bather load, and size but typically 3-5 years.



How do I clean a pump basket and what valves need to be turned?

Turn pump off, close valve directly in front of pump and valve directly after pump, remove lid & basket, clean basket using garden hose and re-install, open valves and turn pump on. Make sure pump pressure rises to normal operating pressure within 1 minute.

How do I backwash my pool filter and how often should I do this?

Backwashing should only be done when the pressure gauge registers an 8-10 PSI increase. Turn pump off. Push down and rotate the multiport valve coming off the filter to backwash, roll out hose or open waste valve if needed, turn pump on and watch discharge water- it will start clean then get dirty, then turn clear again (usually 3-5 minutes). Turn pump off. Turn multiport valve to rinse and turn pump on for 30 sec. Turn pump off, turn multiport valve to filter, turn pump on and bleed air out of top of filter if necessary.

Alternate Sanitation

  • Ozone
  • UV
  • Salt